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Happy Trust Company

Trust Administration

Trusts can be established while you are living or in your will.

Happy Trust Services has an experienced team capable of managing a variety of revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Living Trusts

These are trusts created by an individual that can be amended until a person is incapacitated or dies. Happy Trust Company often serves as the designated trustee in circumstances where an individual can no longer serve as their own trustee.

Testamentary Trusts

A trust can often be created under your Last Will and Testament as a means of giving financial security for future generations, while also providing a means of asset protection. Happy Trust Company provides the expertise to make sure your final wishes are properly executed.

Special Needs Trusts

The Social Security Administration permits the creation of trusts that will preserve a disabled individual’s eligibility for benefits. These trusts also allow for supplemental distributions to enhance the quality of life for those individuals. Happy Trust Company has served, and continues to serve, as the trustee in a variety of special needs circumstances.

Court-created Trusts

These are trusts created by a district or county court in mainly cases of wrongful death
and catastrophic injury victims. Happy Trust Company has gained the confidence of the legal community in managing assets for vulnerable members of society by serving as the court appointed trustee of many court-created trusts.

Charitable Trusts

There are a number of ways to create trusts that leave assets for the benefit of your favorite charities. These trusts can be established while you are living or in your will.

Agent for Trustee

In many cases, individual trustees will continue to use Happy Trust Company to provide expertise in areas of investment and/ or for specialty asset management. In all circumstances, Happy Trust Company is responsible for managing internal assets and investments, maintaining detailed records of income and expenses, providing tax information and making distributions to beneficiaries per the terms of their individual trust. Our staff has the experience necessary to ensure every portfolio follows the specialized legal and regulatory requirements for each trust.

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