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Happy Trust Company

Special Asset Management

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Confidentiality and discretion that keeps your account safe.

Special Assets

Happy Trust Company manages unique special assets ranging from farms, ranches, homes and commercial properties to oil, gas, wind and solar royalties, as well as oil/gas working interests.

Real Estate Management

We can manage all aspects of your real estate, no matter the type, taking the burdens of landlord off your to-do list. We negotiate leases, collect rent, market crops, work with the Farm Service Agency and NRCS, inspect properties and negotiate damage and easement agreements. We will also pay expenses, monitor insurance coverage and claims and pay ad valorem taxes. Finally, in the event the property needs to be sold, we will gather current evaluations and market these properties.

Mineral Management

There’s a lot more management involved in owning mineral rights, but we do the work so you can remain stress-free. We negotiate leases and bonuses, collect royalty and working interest income and monitor areas of mineral activity. We also monitor and pay mineral expenses and ad valorem taxes.

Guardianship of the Estate

Happy Trust Company can act as the Guardian of the Estate for a person legally declared incapacitated, known as the ward. We will gather and protect the ward’s financial assets, develop an investment plan and make distributions that are authorized by the court for the ward’s benefit.

Safekeeping & Custody Services

It may be necessary to set up an account to protect certain financial assets you may have. Our experienced team is trained in confidentiality and discretion to keep you and your account safe.

Escrow Services

During certain business-related transactions, Happy Trust Company’s escrow services may be needed in order to facilitate and protect the various parties’ financial interests until the terms of any applicable agreement (i.e. a company buy-sell agreement) are fully satisfied.

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