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Planning for Retirement

The Five Best Places to Retire Abroad

Couple on a vacation

As the cost of everyday life in the United States continues to rise, more and more Americans are considering the possibility of spending their golden years in a different country. If you are one of them, you may still be trying to figure out which nation is right for you. Though there are plenty of excellent options to choose from, the following five should be at the top of your list:


Spain’s warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and delicious food make it a popular destination for retirees from all four corners of the globe. However, its relatively low housing costs and vast public transit systems are what truly set Spain apart from the competition.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central America. The country earned this monicker because of its neutrality, safety, and world-class banking system. Its lush, green landscape makes it easy to pursue outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, swimming, and diving, so you will never be short of things to do if you decide to retire to this idyllic Central American nation.


Americans who move to Panama can enjoy the same warm, tropical weather they would experience in Florida, without having to worry about hurricanes. The nation is outside of the hurricane belt. Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its local currency and many of the locals are fluent in English, making it very easy to adapt to daily life in this beautiful Central American country.


If you would like to retire to the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is not your only option. The nation of Portugal offers the same low cost of living, beautiful weather, and relaxed way of life as its larger neighbor. The picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean from the country’s many coastal towns and cities don’t hurt, either.


The nation of Vietnam has come a long way since it was ravaged by war just a few decades ago. It now boasts one of the strongest economies in Asia while maintaining an extraordinarily low cost of living. The people in Vietnam tend to be extremely friendly, and many speak excellent English, making it very easy to retire here.

In Conclusion

Choosing the perfect country to retire to is never an easy task. However, by reviewing the information outlined above, and comparing it against your personal needs and preferences, you should be able to find an excellent place to spend your golden years before too long.