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Happy State Mortgage Disclosures

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Qualified borrowers can receive $1,025 in lender credit applied toward origination charges. This credit must be applied prior to other credits.



Qualified borrowers must be clients of approved home builders in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Texas and build in excess of 12 homes per year. Additional builder eligibility requirements could apply, see bank for details.

Program Advantages*

  • Lender Credit – eligible borrowers will receive lender credit equal to 1% of the loan amount up to $3,000 to be used in a variety of ways to give significant savings to the borrower.
  • Proven Workflow – ensure timely and accurate approvals with Happy State Bank’s proven construction workflow and project oversight.
  • Consistent Communication – each builder will be paired with a local loan originator to ensure consistent communication around deadlines, documentation, timing, and loan structuring.
  • Comprehensive Eligibility – multiple property types are eligible for participation. Program applies to purchase transactions as well as construction to permanent loans. Loan programs include: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, Portfolio, Jumbo, and Construction to Perm.


A thorough review can be provided to help borrowers be more prepared when committing to a purchase contract.

  • Borrower requested pre-approval
  • Eligible for purchase transactions only
  • Pre-Approval only applies where a subject property address has not been identified
  • Lender provides written conditional approval letter to the applicant
  • Pre-Approval based on proposed sales price, loan amount, and payment amount as presented to Underwriting at time of Pre-Approval