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Kids Bank

Turn Saving Money Into a Habit

Family with kids saving in piggy bank.

Teaching kids the value of savings is one of the most important things we do at Happy State Bank! We believe that establishing good saving habits early sets them up for success as adults.

Our bankers enjoy working with schools across Texas to get kids excited about saving. In fact, Kids Bank now operates in over 30 schools and has been recognized by the Texas State Board of Education.

Making Finances Fun

Whether your child is working toward saving for a bike, a horse or college tuition, they’ll learn what it takes to meet their financial goals – and how it feels to reach them. The process sets them up for a lifetime of responsible financial decisions so they can thrive for decades to come.

Father fist bumping son on horse

Raising saving-savvy kids.

When your child opens their Happy State Bank Kids Bank savings account, they are beginning a habit that will keep them HAPPY for the rest of their lives.

Open a First Account for Kids Bank


Sure, you save money so you can buy fun stuff. The pride your kid will feel once they see what they can get with that saved money is a great learning moment.


It’s tough not to spend everything in the bank, but teaching your kids to have emergency money available is essential. Accidents happen, it’s best to be prepared.


What better way to teach your kids to share than with their hard-earned money? Instilling a giving nature in your kid early on will help them continue that habit through adulthood.

child putting coin in piggy bank close up

Questions? We're here to help.

Participating Schools

More than 30 schools from around the state participate in the Kids Bank program. We’re always looking to grow that list. Check out a few of our participants, and let us know how we can bring the Kids Bank program to your school.

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