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Efficient, Economical and Safe

ACH Processing

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Collecting and disbursing payments may be one of the most important aspects of your business. The more efficiently you collect your receivables and disburse your payables, the quicker you can begin investing your excess cash to support operating capital or debt reduction.

If you are looking for an efficient, economical, safe and reliable method to process your ACH payments, Happy offers several options to help you achieve your goals.

Cash Concentration

Cash Concentration is an ACH debit application for transferring funds out of intra-company accounts at multiple bank locations and concentrating them into a centralized bank account. This application provides basic payment information and detailed data supporting each transaction.


  • Automated processing convenience
  • Funds are concentrated on scheduled dates
  • Improved cash forecasting

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of payroll sends credits electronically to employee accounts at any financial institution. Direct deposit can save your company time and money, increase productivity and eliminate the cost associated with paper checks.


  • Employer Benefits
  • Pay employees electronically
  • Reduce check reconciliation process

Vendor Payments

Vendor Payment processing uses the ACH network between buyers and sellers, simplifying and accelerating the exchange of payments.


  • Acceleration of payment process
  • Cost savings for both parties
  • Favorable payment terms

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