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Happy Leadership

Meet Our Board of Directors

Board of Director - Matt Bumstead, Businessman and Consultant

Matt Bumstead

  • Businessman & Consultant
Board of Director - Nancy Gaitan-Kernell, Healthcare

Nancy Gaitan-Kernell

  • Healthcare
Board of Director - J. Pat Hickman, Banker

J. Pat Hickman

  • Banker
Board of Director - Bill Jennings, Real Estate Investor

Bill Jennings

  • Real Estate Investor
Board of Director - Mike Kuhlman, Cattle & Farming

Mike Kuhlman

  • Cattle & Farming
Board of Director - Frank O. Marrs, Businessman

Frank O. Marrs

  • Businessman
Board of Director - Drayton McLane Jr., Businessman & Philanthropist

Drayton McLane Jr.

  • Businessman & Philanthropist
Board of Director - Drayton McLane III, Businessman

Drayton McLane III

  • Businessman
Board of Director - Ginger Nelson, Attorney & Business-Owner

Ginger Nelson

  • Attorney & Business-Owner
Board of Director - Bailey Peyton, Oil, Gas, & Cattle

Bailey Peyton

  • Oil, Gas, & Cattle
Board of Director - J. Brian Sims, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

J. Brian Sims, M.D.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon
Board of Director - Trent Sisemore, RV Business

Trent Sisemore

  • RV Business
Board of Director - Brian Vincent, Farming

Brian Vincent

  • Farming
Board of Director - Victor A. Weir II, P.E., Mechanical Engineering

Victor A. Weir II, P.E.

  • Mechanical Engineering
Board of Director - J. David Williams, Banker

J. David Williams

  • Banker
Board of Director - Mikel Williamson, Happy Bank President and CEO

Mikel Williamson

  • Banker
Board of Director - John Zwiacher, Automobile Business

John Zwiacher

  • Automobile Business

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Board of Director - Mikel Williamson, Happy Bank President and CEO

Mikel Williamson

  • President & CEO
Happy Bank Executive - Alberto Rios, Chief Operating Officer

Alberto Rios

  • Chief Operating Officer
Happy Bank Executive - Eric Alexander, Chief Financial Officer

Eric Alexander

  • Chief Financial Officer
Happy Bank Executive - Kayla Carpenter, Chief of Staff

Kayla Carpenter

  • Stockholder Relations
Happy Bank Executive - Wendi Costlow, Director of Marketing

Wendi Costlow

  • Director of Marketing
Happy Bank Executive - Ross Glenn, Special Assets

Ross Glenn

  • Special Assets
Happy Bank Executive - Robert Gottlich, Corporate Banking

Robert Gottlich

  • Corporate Banking
Happy Bank Executive - David Jones, General Counsel

David Jones

  • General Counsel
Happy Bank Executive - Scott Lewis, Senior Lending Officer

Scott Lewis

  • Senior Lending Officer
Happy Bank Executive - Renee McNeely, Human Resources

Renee McNeely

  • Human Resources
Happy Bank Executive - Jeff Peatrowsky, Corporate Treasurer

Jeff Peatrowsky

  • Corporate Treasurer
Happy Bank Executive - Connie Ratliff, Enterprise Risk Management

Connie Ratliff

  • Enterprise Risk Management
Happy Bank Executive - Alan VanOngevalle, Other Financial Services

Alan VanOngevalle

  • Other Financial Services
Happy Bank Executive - Gary Wells, Cultural Ambassador

Gary Wells

  • Cultural Ambassador

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