Financial Education


Money Tips

For Newlyweds

Starting a Household on Solid Ground Financially

For Teens

How to Ace Your First Test Managing Real Money in the Real World

For Young Adults

What to Know Before Declaring Your Financial Independence

For Parents

Teaching Children the Financial Facts of Life

Before You Retire

Getting Your Finances Ready for Your Golden Years

For Financial Caregivers

Helping Disabled or Elderly Relatives with Money Management, Even From Far Away.

After You Retire

Managing Your Expenses on a Fixed or Reduced Income

For Major Life Events

Ways to Cope Financially During and After a Big Change

Shop and the Bank

Buyers Guide to Finding the Right Loan, Credit Card, or Deposit Account

Kids' Bank

Kids' Bank

FDIC Consumer News

Tips on Banking in a High-Tech World

FDIC - Money Smart

Bank on It

An introduction to Bank Services.

Borrowing Basics

An introduction to Credit.

Check it Out

How to Choose and Keep a Checking Account.

Money Matters

How to Keep Track of Your Money.

Pay Yourself First

Why You Should Save, Save, Save.

Keep it Safe

Your rights as a consumer.

To Your Credit

How your credit history will affect your credit future.

Charge it Right

How to make a credit card work for you.

Loan to Own

Know what you're borrowing before you buy.

Your Own Home

What home ownership is all about.

Financial Recovery

How to recover financially and rebuild your credit after a financial set-back.