Because saving money isn't just for adults

Whether you’re saving for college or a new bike, the principle is the same – saving is important. Our Happy State Bank Kid’s Bank Savings Program was made for kids to enjoy the act of saving, as well as experience firsthand the fun things saving money can lead to. When your child opens their Happy State Bank Kids’ Bank savings account, they are beginning a habit that will keep them HAPPY for the rest of their lives.

Open a Kids' Bank Account


Account Details

  • Requires a co-owner (parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.) to sign with student
  • No opening deposit required
  • No service fees
  • Free online banking
  • Quarterly interest compounded and credited to account
  • Deposit money at Happy State Bank or during Kids' Bank days at school

Open a Kids' Bank Account


  • Participating Schools

    Click on your school below to review their website calendar for upcoming Kids' Bank dates. If needed, please contact your school office to request the Kids' Bank schedule. If you have questions, please contact your student's school, or contact Happy State Bank directly at (800) 447-2265.


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  • Tips to raise a HAPPY kid


    Sure, you save money so you can buy fun stuff.
    The pride your kid will feel once they see what they can get
    with that saved money is a great learning moment.


    It's tough not to spend everything in the bank,
    but teaching your kids to have emergency money available is essential.
    Accidents happen, it's best to be prepared.


    What better way to teach your kids to share than with their hard-earned money?
    Instilling a giving nature in your kid early on will help them
    continue that habit through adulthood.

  • How does money grow?

    Kids' Bank Logo and Savings Example

  • FAQs

    • Is this a REAL savings account?

      Yes. Your child will be assigned an account number as the account is opened at Happy State Bank. This account can only be opened in the child and co-owner’s name (parent/grandparent/guardian). To be an owner of an account, the bank has 5 requirements, NO EXCEPTIONS: name, social security number, date of birth, physical and mailing address, and a valid photo identification.
    • Is there a charge for the Account?

      No. Savings accounts will not have a service charge unless the student exceeds the withdraw limitations of 6 per quarter. Each excessive withdraw is then $2.00.
    • Is there a minimum balance?

      No. Minors can open an account with any amount and do not have to maintain a minimum balance.
    • Does this savings account earn interest?

    • When is the interest paid on the savings account?

      The interest is accrued on a daily basis and compounded and paid quarterly.
    • Who can make deposits?

      The child or co-owner can make a deposit into the account. We cannot accept co-owner’s payroll checks, insurance checks, tax refunds, or anything of this nature.
    • Who can make withdrawals?

      The child and co-owner are allowed to make withdrawals.
    • Where can deposits be made?

      Deposits can be made at the school when the School Savings Bank is open or at any Happy State Bank location.
    • Where can withdrawals be made?

      Withdrawals can only be made at a Happy State Bank location.
    • How many accounts can my child have?

      One per child.
    • Who will accept the money at the School Savings Bank?

      Happy State Bank will train students to be “tellers.” The student “tellers” will be supervised by a Happy State Bank employee.
    • Who can I call if I want to know my account balance or have questions about this account?

      There are several ways you can contact us: at any Happy State Bank branch, at, or call us at (806) 359-7737 or toll-free at (866) 359-7737.