FBI Warns of increased scams during the COVID-19 crisis. Happy State Bank will NEVER call or text you unsolicited to ask for account, bank card, or loan information. These scams consist of requesting personal information through calls, direct mail, emails or texts. Wire transfers are immediate, and fraudulent funds are forwarded quickly to other financial institutions. Be aware of any financial transaction request received via email or text. Pay particular attention if the request is urgent. If you have an unsolicited call or text by someone claiming to be from the bank and asking for your personal account information or to click a link for mortgage information, it is a fraud.

Here is what to be aware of:

Scammers are calling and texting customers. Their caller ID and phone number may even display the bank name (This can be faked with certain software).

  • The scammer says they are calling about fraud on your debit card.

  • While on the phone, the fraudster will perform a transaction they know will generate a fraud alert.

  • When the cardholder receives the case number, the fraudster asks for the case number over the phone so the card can be permanently blocked.

  • Instead the fraudster is using the case number to validate the activity, so they can continue to use the card fraudulently.

  • The fraudster may suggest the cardholder transfer money into their checking account from savings to make it “safer,” thereby giving the fraudster access to more money.

  • The cardholder thinks the fraud was caught and stopped, while the fraudster is busy committing more fraudulent transactions and stealing more money.

Happy State Bank will NEVER contact the cardholder unsolicited to ask for the following:

  • Account Number/Card Number

  • CVV

  • PIN

  • Passwords

  • Social Security Number

  • Online Banking Credentials

Happy State Bank will NEVER advise a cardholder to transfer money or withdraw money.

If you think you have given information to someone suspicious, immediately call our Customer Service Desk at 800-447-2265.

Let’s stay safe out there!