Our Cash Management experts will customize a suite specifically for your business.

We understand that running a successful business isn’t always about the actual business. It’s about managing your cash.

At HAPPY STATE BANK, we have the tools in place to help your business manage money effectively and safely. Whether you’re looking to collect money faster, hold onto it longer, or just have your accounts at your fingertips at all times, our business bank accounts were created for your business to flourish.

Check out how we’ve got your business covered.


Business Debit Cards: Our debit cards offer your business the freedom to shop with ease. It’s a Happy card for a reason.

Business Bill Pay: We make paying bills fun…well, easy. Send payments using a computer or our mobile app and let us cover the checks and postage.

ACH: No one likes waiting for paychecks. With our ACH payments, direct deposits for payroll are done with the click of a button and without a stamp. We like to keep your vendors Happy too, so feel free to add them to the list.

Online Wire Services: It’s not the old days. Send wire transfers online from wherever you are. Pretty Happy, right?



Remote Deposit Capture: We love seeing you in person but know you’re busy. So deposit your money from the office, the car, wherever work takes you. We even provide you with reports to manage your deposits.

ACH: You’re not the only one who loves fast transactions. Your customers appreciate a timely checkout experience, and our ACH system allows them to do just that. 

Merchant Processing: These days, plastic is popular. With our Merchant Processing, we give your business the freedom to offer more types of acceptable payments.


Fraud Prevention

Positive Pay: Checks aren’t debited instantly like cards, but we’ve got a way to ensure we catch any fraudsters. With Positive Pay, we match the details of each check and its origin for authenticity.

Custom Notifications: Think of it like a doorbell when someone visits. Our notifications are set by you, alerting you to any business activity made on your account. But, better than a doorbell, you have the power to turn activity off.

Dedicated Fraud Department: Did you know that we have an entire department working to keep your account safe? We’ve thought of realistic ways your business will appreciate protection, like blocking ACH payments and notifications for any activity on your account.

Account Management

Multi-Level Approvals: With our Online Banking services, we let you decide who has the power. Set authority levels on who can see what, and who can send payments. We even encourage multi-level payment approvals for complete transparency.

Account Reconciliation: It’s a long word that means we’ll make sure the money leaving your account matches the money you spent. It’s a process we’re proud of that will keep your business safe.

Custom Reporting: Tools that allow you to generate daily reports that fit your business needs.

Account Analysis Statements: Enhanced, easy-to-read analysis statements coming February 2021! Our Analysis Statement Guide will assist you with reading and interpreting your new analysis statement.


Liquidity Management

Cash Manager: For larger balance-holders, we offer ICS (Insured Cash Sweep) protection not offered at most banks. Forget about that $250,000 insured maximum, with us, we can go higher with the help of our partners.

Zero Balance Accounts: For once, the number zero is actually helpful. Use this subaccount as needed to cover payments while keeping your main account liquid.

External Transfers: Move that money where it needs to go, even if the account isn’t Happy. It’s fast and easy.



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