Fraud protection at your fingertips. 
The Happy app puts you in control!

You can use the Happy State Bank mobile app to safeguard your Happy debit card. With our Card Control features, you have a number of fraud prevention tools to ensure all your spending is Happy!

With Card Controls, you can turn any Happy debit card on or off right from the mobile app. In addition, you can set spending limits and control merchant, location, and transaction types. No matter where you are, each of these features keeps you in control of protecting yourself from fraud.

Receiving push alerts anytime your debit card is used is a great way to protect yourself from fraud. With Card Alerts, you will know instantly the dollar amount, transaction type, and merchant where your card was used. It’s just another way of banking Happy!


  • How do I turn on the card controls/alerts?

    Just open your HAPPY STATE BANK app on your phone or tablet and click MORE at the lower right of the screen. Choose CARD CONTROLS and add or select your card. When you select CARD CONTROLS, enter your ID and Password to access the secured features. Just enable your debit card and select the preferences that work best for you. 
  • I currently have the SecurLock app. What happens to that?

    Nothing, you may continue to use that app, or delete it altogether and start using the Happy app.
  • Do I need to have the mobile app to receive text alerts?

    Yes, you must be enrolled for online banking and have the app downloaded to your mobile phone to use Card Controls/Alerts.
  • If I receive a new card, is it automatically added?

    You’ll simply go to the app, select MORE > CARD CONTROLS > ADD and select the card.
  • How many cards can I protect?

    You can protect all of the Happy debit cards that you have in your name.
  • If the card is turned off, can recurring transactions still go through?

    No, it will decline any transactions during the time it is turned off.