We know your phone is your friend. It’s ours, too!

Your Happy State Bank debit card is now available on Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Safely and quickly pay using your phone.

Because sometimes you only want to carry your phone. Let’s face it – we know it’s already in your hand!

  • No cards or cash to lose
  • Earn rewards for certain providers
  • Look for the icons at checkout for availability
  • Easily turn off capability if phone is lost

Stop worrying about carrying everything and just use your phone to pay. We call it the Happy checkout experience!

Sound sketchy?

Sometimes easier can be safer. It’s actually more secure than using a card. With a random set of numbers identifying each transaction, your information never gets into retailer’s hands or stays on your device. So when the bad guys do their thing, you can rest easy.

On top of that, each provider has its own method to protect you:

Apple Pay Security: Secure authorization with Touch ID and Face ID

Google Pay Security: Multiple layers of advanced, industry-leading security

Samsung Pay Security: Authorized fingerprint, PIN number, or iris scan; Samsung Knox technology encrypts and stores your information in a secure data vault at all times.                                                                                

1. To upload your Happy State Bank debit card*:

Apple Pay: Using your Wallet icon, follow the steps to adding payment methods [How to Video]

Google Pay: Download the Google Pay app and click “Payment” to begin [How to Video]

Samsung Pay: Click on the pre-installed “Pay” app and follow directions for setup [How to Video]

*Please note - The setup will fail if you don't have an up-to-date address with the provider and with us. 

2. To pay with your Happy State Bank debit card on your phone:

Apple Pay: Hold your device on top of the card reader and choose a card when it appears. Place your finger on the Touch ID® sensor to verify your identity. Select “credit” if asked. “Done” and a checkmark will appear when successful.

Google Pay: Unlock your phone. In the Wallet app, drag the card you want to use to the top to act as default. Hold your phone above the card reader. Select “credit” if asked. Phone will vibrate and read “Done” when payment is successful.

Samsung Pay: In the “Pay” app, swipe up to access cards. Choose card. Place finger on home button to verify identity. Hold phone above card reader until transaction is successful.

If you have any questions or concerns during your Happy checkout, please call us at 1-800-447-2265.


Eligible Devices
Apple: iPhone 6 and newer
Samsung:  Galaxy S6 and newer
Google: Any NFC-enabled device running Android® OS 4.4 (KitKat) or higher