Defined by Values

A reporter once asked our CEO, “How do you sustain 20% growth over a quarter century.” His reply? “We never compromise culture or asset quality.” In seven words—with culture trumping assets—the heart of HAPPY was revealed. You can bet any employee—veteran to entry-level—would have answered the same.

While informal yet understood standards existed since HAPPY’s founding, the “Core Values” were formalized in 2007 as the paradigm for personal and shared accountability. By their numbers, there are 20 Values. By their intent, they communicate—beyond any doubt—that employees are expected to give of their heart, serve with a great attitude, and hold themselves and each other accountable to living the culture. Those who don’t are asked to flourish elsewhere—quickly.

Asset quality creates profit. Culture, however, creates employee engagement, customer loyalty, and investor return. Numbers go up and down, but a shared, internalized and practiced culture can live on forever.

To view HAPPY STATE BANK's core values, click here.